"Let's Take a Silly One"
First Draft:​​​​​​​
Although I enjoyed the overall shape of the design, it was deemed too "on the nose" by myself as well as the BPL designers. I enjoyed the multitude of scenes that made up the shape of the fist however, a  wanted to highlight the sections of the design that evoked the most universal joy. 
Therein, I chose to highlight the illustrated family. 

Second Draft: 
Led by the inspiration and symbolism of the Black Power Fist, I chose to arrange the anonymous family in  a way that suggested this very shape. 
Final Draft: 
The final image felt stronger without text, allowing the image of the family to stand and speak for itself.​​​​​​​

Final Product: 
Printed on Bella + Canvas Jersey T-shirt
Unisex sizing
Tear away label
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