In celebration of Black History Month, the Brooklyn Public Library of NYC (BPL) opted to celebrate by releasing a t-shirt design highlighting the black family amongst generations and the diaspora. I was approached after entering my design for a library card for BPL centered on the same theme. ​​​​​​​

The Design
Ok. Admittedly the first designs turned out a bit hectic. My inspiration lied within the shape of the "Black Power Fist" due to its importance in the black community and symbol of strength. I attempted to show the diversity of the black community by sketching a collection of subjects both old and young/ new and old engaging in various joyful activities (barbequing, braiding hair, etc). However, simplicity is the key to understanding. 
For the final design, I removed both the text and focused on one activity that I deemed most universal; the family photograph. I wanted to continue to pay tribute to the integrity of the black power fist and therefore opted to maintain the fist shape sans the wrist. Keeping it Simple.
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